Testing & Maintenance

Compliance Cycle

Any fire safety equipment in your premises should be routinely tested and maintained.

Assess & Review
Rectify & Install
Train & Drill

Metro Safety’s national network of testers and engineers are dedicated to providing routine services to help you comply with fire, health & safety legislation. We test and maintain fire safety systems in over 3,000 properties nationwide and conduct over 140,000 routine compliance visits every year. Supported by our friendly office-based operations team, we offer specialist testing and maintenance services to meet British Standards or the recommendations of your fire risk assessment.

With increasing demands on budgets and service charges, we understand the need for routine maintenance to be cost-effective. Our multi-skilled engineers can conduct multiple maintenance services in one visit, minimising both costs and disruption.

Fire Alarm Testing

Routine weekly activations of fire alarm call points by experienced testers.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Keeping fire alarms in good repair, quarterly or 6-monthly.

Emergency Light Testing

A monthly test of the operating efficiency of your emergency lights.

Emergency Light Maintenance

Bi-annual servicing of emergency lighting systems.

Sprinkler System Testing

Weekly testing of sprinkler systems.

Vacant Premises Inspections

Tailored monitoring and reporting to help reduce your vacant premises risks.

Health & Safety Inspections

Identifying potential hazards to help keep insurers happy and people safe.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

On an annual basis, ensuring that extinguishers operate safely and effectively.

Additional Combined Services

Additional services available alongside our monthly or weekly tests.

For a full list of the equipment we can help maintain, please click here.