Retail Fire Services

Retailers have attracted significant attention from both the fire authorities and the press for their non-compliance with fire safety legislation in recent times, with many incidents resulting in prosecutions and some individual fines of over £250,000.

We work with over 10,000 retail units nationwide, so we understand the competing pressures of the retail sector and aim to make achieving and maintaining compliance simple and cost-effective.



  Fire Risk Assessment  

By law a Fire Risk Assessment must be carried out on all retail properties to identify the likelihood that a fire could start and cause harm to those in and around the premises. It’s also a legal requirement for the responsible person to ensure the competency of the person carrying out the assessment – not always an easy task.

With such a wide variety of premises and the potential for complicated system linkages in the retail sector, it’s even more important that your Fire Risk Assessments are carried out by someone who has the suitable training, experience and knowledge to perform these assessments

Each year Metro SRM carries out over 3,000 fire risk assessments for a wide range of clients and property types, including many large retail clients. Our assessors are all qualified fire safety specialists. Their in-depth commercial and legislative knowledge helps to make our assessment recommendations reasonable and practical, specifying workable solutions without underestimating the risks.


FWTdot Pre-refit and Desktop Surveys 

There is a growing demand for desktop surveys within the retail industry, where store re-fits and relocations are common.

The surveys are undertaken while the store/building is still in the planning stages allowing the relevant fire protection elements to be incorporated as part of the initial design.

This can prove particularly effective in avoiding the over specification of fire protection equipment and also reducing the need for remedial works in the future, often resulting in large cost savings.

Our senior fire safety consultants have extensive design knowledge built up from working with a wide range of large retailers. They are able to design full fire protection systems for individual stores, providing optimum risk protection whilst keeping costs to a minimum.  


FWTdot Emergency Evacuation Plans

Legislation requires you to have an evacuation plan in place so that in the event of an emergency building occupants have a clear understanding of what to do and where to go to escape from danger.

In a small basic building this could be a straightforward process. However when it comes to large retail stores with complex layouts, there is often a need to use a competent fire safety advisor to design your emergency evacuation plan.

Our team of experienced advisors have a background in commercial fire safety, armed forces fire safety or the fire brigade, meaning they have the practical knowledge and training to formulate an emergency plan that covers the specific risks and needs of the building, including size, usage and occupancy.

They are also able to provide train your staff so they are able to lead and co-ordinate a store evacuation in the event of an emergency. 


FSCdot   Fire Safety Consultancy 

We have a team of highly experienced fire safety consultants who can assist you with all aspects of your fire safety compliance.

This includes:

  • Advising on design protocols to comply with building regulations and fire safety guidance documents
  • Developing fire safety policies and procedures that are bespoke to your organisation & premises
  • Creating comprehensive fire strategy documents
  • Liaising with fire authorities, architects, building control designers
  • False fire alarm reduction programmes
  • Independent advice at your health & safety and risk committee meetings


Further Information

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