Tenant Areas in Multi-Occupied Premises

Commercial tenants in multi-tenanted properties have certain obligations under the current legislation. They are responsible for fire safety compliance within their own demise. The managing agent or landlord is generally only responsible for compliance in the communal areas. Lease agreements often define tenant areas of responsibility if you are in any doubt regarding your obligations.

We understand the pressures and responsibilities faced by tenants when it comes to fire safety, and aim to make becoming and staying compliant as simple and cost-effective as possible.

The assessor was very efficient and helpful in his comments.

Graeme Page

Finance Manager

The Ken Blanchard Companies

Assess Assessments & Reviews

Each tenant demise in a commercial, multi-occupied premises requires a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment. This must be carried out by a competent person. Metro Safety's assessors are all qualified fire safety specialists. Many have over 25 years' experience with a county fire service, including a background in fire safety enforcement. Their knowledge and expertise help to ensure our assessment recommendations are as practical and cost-effective as possible.

Rectify Rectifications & Installations

If your Fire Risk Assessment recommends any works to install, repair or rectify equipment within your demise, we have knowledgeable technical advisers who can translate your significant findings into practical, cost-effective solutions. We aim to balance financial pressures with the demands of fire legislation and the relevant British Standard.

I found the Fire Warden Training very useful and informative.

Carina George

Recruitment Consultant

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Test Testing & Maintenance

Any fire safety equipment that you have within your demise should be routinely tested and maintained. This may include:

Train Training & Drills

Whilst fire drills will usually be covered by the landlord, tenants are required under the Fire Safety Order to inform, instruct and train staff about fire precautions and procedures in their workplace. Our Fire Safety Training programmes can help employees gain a greater understanding of their specific responsibilities, and give them the confidence they need to carry out their roles. Each course can be tailored according to the needs of your organisation.