Residential Premises

Fire safety in residential premises is not necessarily straightforward, and it is not always clear where the responsibility lies. Already several people have been imprisoned because of failures in this area. Since properties where people sleep have the highest risk of death or injury in the event of a fire, it is important to work towards achieving and maintaining compliance.

We understand the potential risks and complexities of residential properties and aim to make managing these issues clear and simple.

Professional, reliable, responsive and easy to deal with, working with Metro Safety is a real partnership in compliance.

Vincent Dean

Fire Safety Surveyor

Catalyst Housing Group

Assess Assessments & Reviews

With higher risks and a wide variety of building ages and types, it’s vital that your Fire Risk Assessment is carried out by someone competent. Our assessors are all qualified fire safety specialists. Many have over 25 years experience with a county fire service, including a background in fire safety enforcement. Their in-depth commercial and legislative knowledge helps to make our assessment recommendations reasonable and practical, specifying workable solutions without underestimating the risks.

Rectify Rectifications & Installations

When it comes to remedial works, it takes genuine expertise to balance financial realities with the demands of the legislation. To help ensure that the works you need are cost-effective, Metro Safety have knowledgeable technical advisers who can translate your Fire Risk Assessments into practical and commercially viable solutions. Our team can also assist with the project management and implementation of any works required.

Test Testing & Maintenance

We understand that managing testing and maintenance routines can be problematic, especially where you don't have a representative on site. Our fully qualified engineers ensure that all your fire safety systems are maintained to the right standards at the right frequency. Metro Safety’s nationwide network of dedicated testers can also care of weekly and monthly testing routines, delivering a regular testing schedule to minimise disruption to tenants. We believe that we provide unsurpassed quality and reliability in our routine services across the UK.

Staff are positively raving about the training.

Mandy Charles

Customer Service Team Leader

London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

Train Training & Drills

We recognise that only the largest residential properties may have trained persons on site to co-ordinate the appropriate evacuation or stay-put procedures. To make informing tenants simple, we provide clear advice on suitable Fire Emergency Plans and evacuation procedures. Whether you have building managers or caretakers in situ, or other responsible persons off site, we can provide appropriate Fire Safety Training tailored to the premises and their specific role.

Manage Planning & Management

Managing your fire safety responsibilities in residential premises can be difficult, particularly if you need to revisit and review multiple properties. With electronic reporting on an individual and portfolio basis, records both on and off site, and regular compliance reviews, we can help you maintain an overview and manage your responsibilities more effectively. To give you confidence in your continued compliance, Metro Safety can aid in the implementation of your fire safety policy as well as negotiating with your local fire authority when necessary.