Caring About Competence

Caring about competencyMost of us are aware of the numerous references in UK health and safety legislation and regulations to ‘competence’ and the use of ‘competent persons’. However there is no simple, comprehensive or conclusive definition as to what this means in practical terms. 

Asbestos and the Refurbishment Season

If you are a building owner, managing agent or employer and are considering renovating any of your properties then you need to make sure you have fulfilled your legal asbestos obligations before contractors start work on any planned refurbishment.

As a dutyholder, you are probably aware that regardless as to whether any refurbishment work is due to take place, you have a requirement to determine if asbestos is present within your building and if so where it is likely to be. This may involve reviewing the age of the building, records for the building including architects plans/drawings, records of previous asbestos removal works and any previous surveys of the building.

Fines and FINDs

Fines & FINDsAs the number of fire safety fines imposed becomes more prevalent we take a look at the ‘FINDs’ system and what it means for businesses.

The ‘FINDs’ system, standing for Fire Internetworked Data System, links all Fire and Rescue Services throughout the country and enables nationwide tracking of compliance levels.

Originally set up to pay particular attention to industry wide issues that may be developing, it also offers enforcing officers a means by which to track company specific issues in larger multi-site organisations.