Metro Safety feel strongly about contributing to the community. CAST, our Charity and Social Team, are a group of people drawn from all levels of the company who jointly organise social and charity events throughout the year. Their ideas and initiatives are the backbone of the charitable activities that we undertake together as a team.

CAST Achievements

Our employees have done some outstanding things for charity through CAST and we are very proud of them. Over the past decade, more than 120 people have cycled more than 75,000 miles and raised in excess of £45,000 in sponsored cycle challenges alone. In addition teams have been to Everest Base Camp, climbed Kilimanjaro, walked midnight marathons, shaved, fasted, sumo wrestled and done plenty in between to support local and international charities. CAST have provided the infrastructure and support to help individuals and teams make a difference in the community.

Thanks for keeping everyone engaged and motivated with your company's philanthropy.

Caroline Cadman

Corporate Liaison Coordinator

SOS Children's Villages

Supporting Fire Safety In Charities

Metro Safety have a standard policy of offering discounted services to charities. This is part of our desire to have a positive influence in the community at large. We have assisted many organisations in this way, including charities, housing associations, schools and trade unions. Over the last year we have done work for more than 15 different charities, had input on over 60 different sites and collectively saved these charities thousands of pounds.

Some Other Initiatives

Some of our other initiatives to support community-based charities include: